Smart Apps – a new way to provide value in Internet plans

As the mobile Internet becomes a necessity for more people, it also becomes harder for operators to manage increasing expectations from customers.

Gone are the days of unlimited plans as all operators in Malaysia have moved over to capped quota plans. In order to stay relevant, we have invested into building capabilities to segregate data usage quotas.

This week, we launched a new innovation called Smart Apps quota which is bundled into the refreshed DiGi Postpaid Smart Plans. This means that customers will now get 2 buckets of quota – one for any type of usage, and another for specific apps (which we call Smart Apps). While this may be complex to some, it allows DiGi to provide more quota for apps in order to (a) promote new & upcoming services including local apps, (b) work with apps that have good CDN / peering in Malaysia thereby reducing our cost to serve customers, (c) ultimately provide customers with more value.

For a start, customers will get Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp as part of their Smart Apps. The new Postpaid Smart Plans also provides unlimited surfing via Opera Mini, which will be useful in the event you run out of quota.


Links: SoyaCincau, LowYat, Press Release

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