Direct Operator Billing with Windows and Blackberry

We have finally completed the integration with the Windows Phone store and Blackberry World. This means that DiGi subscribers can now purchase premium apps on these stores and pay for the apps using their DiGi bill / prepaid balance. In Malaysia, most customers seem to be shying away from entering their credit card details on the app stores, or probably don’t have a credit card to begin with.

This is a giant step for us to help make life easier for customers and give developers immediate access to our customer base.


Special thanks for the coverage by Amanz:

DiGi Menjadi Yang Pertama Menyokong Pembayaran WP Store Melalui Bil Telekomunikasi

DiGi Menawarkan Pembayaran Melalui Bil Telekomunikasi Untuk Pembelian Di BlackBerry World

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