Lowering the barrier for social messaging & surfing on mobile

We just relaunched our weekly Internet subscriptions for prepaid customers. Another innovation milestone for the team!

In this latest release, DiGi is introducing a weekly subscription for RM3 (~1USD) that offers unlimited high speed messaging via WhatsApp and WeChat, plus unlimited surfing via Opera Mini. There is no quota attached to this subscription, but customers can easily add the data they need via a simple Internet Top Up. Moreover, there is a distinction in the user experience compared to other products in the market: (a) social messaging at high speed will provide a superb experience for photo sharing and voice messaging, (b) unlimited surfing via Opera Mini, will give full high speed access to the “browsable” WWW and lowers the entry barrier to get online on mobile.

Social messaging is fast becoming an “always on” need for many people. As mobile operators move from traditional SMS to these rich communication apps, we will likely see more innovations in this space around: (a) bite-sized pricing, (b) on-demand prepaid pricing for specific apps at specific times / locations, (c) revisions of traditional throttling policies that give away free data at low speeds in order to monetize from that “always on” need.


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