YouTube and the opportunity to own part of the content world

At the recent YouTube Pulse, I shared how DiGi was using the platform to drive meaningful business – buying YouTube ads, and creating ads catered for the YouTube audience.

Like most other brands, we have not garnered significant subscribers on our YouTube channel. We are able to command large number of views on (some) individual videos, but havent quite figured out the way to tap into owning a content channel.

It was an eye opener and reminder that the world is moving faster than we think it is. On YouTube we find the younger audience now completely driving new content categories. Bethany Mota, among others. The channel has over 6 million subscribers, even higher than Lady Gaga, and she is driving an audience that wants to hear her story via all forms of social media.

What is intriguing for a telco is that the way we usually think, we force fit ourselves into a different end of the spectrum of Google’s content machine. We are spending money on ads, and working on metrics to monetise the returns on those investments – YouTube-specific ads, complemented by search buys and more. But what about the opportunity to ¬†produce and own the content?¬†

I ponder on the opportunity for traditional Internet access providers / telcos to move into this space. With some money, we could invest into owning new forms of content categories that have the potential to be “milked” in many ways in the future. Building an audience that wants this content may turn this into a product / brand of its own. I feel brands that get their heads around this will win big.

After all, content is evergreen.

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