My name is Praveen Rajan, and I am the Head of Products for Internet & Services at DiGi, a mobile service provider in Malaysia.

Most of my working hours are spent on marketing products and services to connect people in Malaysia. Today, I lead a team of smart and ambitious individuals trying to help our customers enrich their lives with the power of the Internet. We take great pride and care to build and market useful things as the decisions we make can potentially impact the livelihoods of millions of customers.

My experience in product marketing cuts across a broad range of projects in the Internet world. I have enjoyed the privilege of working with partners such as Facebook, Apple, Google, WeChat, Whatsapp, Skype, Opera and more. Malaysia is a country with 29 million people and it presents a unique marketing challenge given its diversity in people, languages, and economic well-being.

I was formerly the CTO of LifeLogger between 2003 to 2006. LifeLogger was a social networking service that was probably ahead of its time. But it did teach me some of my biggest life lessons. During this time, I spent most of my time with web development on the LAMP stack, and was more of a geek than a marketeer. I no longer write code, but I feel this phase of my life has helped me understand how web engineering is driving the growth we see on the Internet.

My professional experience allows me freedom to share knowledge through speaking engagements. I would be happy to speak at events where I can help others through my experience. If you see a fit for a speaking engagement, please emailme [at] praveenrajan [dot] com.