Meaningful Ramadan and Aidil Fitri with exciting services and mobile content for DiGi customers

Opportunity to win RM1,000 cash with DiGi Duit Raya contest

SHAH ALAM, 11 July 2014 – DiGi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd (DiGi) welcomes the holy month of Ramadan and the upcoming Aidil Fitri festivities with a wide variety of treats from new service offerings to rewarding contest for its loyal customers.

Praveen Rajan, DiGi’s Head of Products – Internet and Services said that spreading festive cheer is part of DiGi’s way of thanking customers for their support. “We are always looking at ways to make the use of the internet relevant and meaningful to our customers. In conjunction with Ramadhan and Aidil Fitri we have introduced a range of services that gives customers easy access to information and to facilitate tradition unique to the season.

“In addition, we know that many of our customers will take the opportunity of the festivities to get in touch with their family and friends. We are giving them more reasons to do so with DiGi Duit Raya Contest with RM25,000 in cash up for grabs over the 8 week contest,” added Praveen.

Brighten your Aidil Fitri with RM1,000 in cash.
DiGi has launched the DiGi Duit Raya RM1,000 Contest which starts now until 24 August 2014. The contest is open to all DiGi postpaid and prepaid customers, with a chance to be one of the three (3) weekly winners to win RM1,000 cash.

To participate in the Duit Raya RM1,000 contest, DiGi subscribers only need to SMS RAYA to 22016 and subscribe to one of DiGi’s Raya CallerTunes and the Ustaz Don video channel at RM3/month and RM2/week respectively. Top three customers who download the most CallerTunes from a special Ramadan/Raya list each week throughout the contest period will be contacted by DiGi representative to answer a simple trivia question for a chance to win RM1,000 in cash.

Gerbang Hijrah: The mobile gateway to more informative content
In conjunction with the holy month of Ramadan, DiGi has introduced anew Islamic portal, Gerbang Hijrah which is packed with videos, audio tracks and interactive MMS content. Exclusive to DiGi customers, Gerbang Hijrah features TV Al-Hijrah content such as 3 Minit Ustaz Don, Ayat Riwayat, Chef Ammar, Madrasah Al Hijrah, Kapsul Hadith and Cinta Rasul.

Subscribers will also get to enjoy a suite of relevant mobile content such as ‘Waktu Sahur & Berbuka’ as well as ‘Doa Harian’ & ‘Fadhilat Solat Terawikh’ for FREE. To enjoy these content, DiGi customers only need to visit the Gerbang Hijrah portal at on their smartphones and select ‘Langgan’ or alternatively they can SMS to 20000.

This year, DiGi is again offering customers the convenience of paying ‘Zakat Fitrah’ through SMS. Open to prepaid and postpaid customers in Selangor, Melaka, Perlis, Sabah and Pahang, this service is available until the last day of Ramadan at 6.00pm.

To use this service, customers only need to text FITRAH to 20000 and provide details as indicated. All SMS are free of charge. Additionally, each subscriber may opt pay the tithe for up to 7 members in their household. The service is also open to non-Malaysian DiGi subscribers. To view payment receipt, customers just need to log on to

Entertainment fun
In addition, customers can also enjoy local entertainment news in Bahasa Malaysia through our SYOK! Portal. It offers the latest news on lifestyle and celebrities for just RM1 per week. For more information, customers can log on to

YouTube Internet Top Up – first in the world


We recently launched an “official” YouTube Internet Top Up for DiGi customers, thanks to the super cooperation with the YouTube team based out of Asia and San Bruno.

This was a unique milestone for both DiGi and YouTube given the huge demand for the service with our customers and the complexity of working with the architecture of YouTube’s IP addresses.

So if you have a DiGi mobile connection, give it a shot. Dial *200# or go to Priced at RM1 for 100MB for 24 hours. This will add the additional Internet megabytes to your account just for YouTube (and Viki). 100MB will give you about 15minutes of streaming at 240p.

YouTube and the opportunity to own part of the content world

At the recent YouTube Pulse, I shared how DiGi was using the platform to drive meaningful business – buying YouTube ads, and creating ads catered for the YouTube audience.

Like most other brands, we have not garnered significant subscribers on our YouTube channel. We are able to command large number of views on (some) individual videos, but havent quite figured out the way to tap into owning a content channel.

It was an eye opener and reminder that the world is moving faster than we think it is. On YouTube we find the younger audience now completely driving new content categories. Bethany Mota, among others. The channel has over 6 million subscribers, even higher than Lady Gaga, and she is driving an audience that wants to hear her story via all forms of social media.

What is intriguing for a telco is that the way we usually think, we force fit ourselves into a different end of the spectrum of Google’s content machine. We are spending money on ads, and working on metrics to monetise the returns on those investments – YouTube-specific ads, complemented by search buys and more. But what about the opportunity to  produce and own the content? 

I ponder on the opportunity for traditional Internet access providers / telcos to move into this space. With some money, we could invest into owning new forms of content categories that have the potential to be “milked” in many ways in the future. Building an audience that wants this content may turn this into a product / brand of its own. I feel brands that get their heads around this will win big.

After all, content is evergreen.

DiGi customers to get more affordable access to YouTube

Link to original press release

Blog post: YouTube Internet Top Up – first in the world

Shah Alam, 17 June 2014 – In its effort to continuously drive higher mobile internet usage, DiGi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd (DiGi), today launches its latest service offering, YouTube Internet Top Up Package. The first of its kind to be offered by a mobile service provider, YouTube Internet Top Up Package is an add-on package that allows DiGi customers to access YouTube from their mobile phone at an affordable price.

YouTube Internet Top Up Package is offered at RM1 for 100MB for 24 hours and is available to all DiGi postpaid and prepaid customers subscribed to an Internet Plan.

Praveen Rajan, DiGi’s Head of Products – Internet & Services said more and more Malaysians are making YouTube their avenue for entertainment, relaxation and even for reference to pursue their respective interests such as cookery, home improvement and many more. “In response to this exciting growth, it is a natural move for DiGi to offer this add-on service that is not only relevant to our customers’ lifestyles but at the same time, able to make their mobile surfing experience even more affordable.”

“We believe this add-on service will be welcomed by our customers who use YouTube frequently. In line with our aim to deliver internet to all, our customer can now watch YouTube videos without the fear of incurring extra data charges,” added Praveen.

“One of our goals at YouTube is to let you watch YouTube on any device in the best quality possible. By working with DiGi to bring more affordable access, Malaysians will be able to enjoy a better YouTube experience either at home or on the go,” added Matthew Zaheen, Head of Marketing for Google Malaysia.

To subscribe, DiGi customers need only to dial *200*2# or visit

For more information, please visit:

New Postpaid Smart Plans with Smart Apps, Norton and Deezer

We just relaunched the DiGi Postpaid Smart Plans – touted as the most complete Internet plan for smartphones. It now comes with more Smart Apps quota, unlimited WhatsApp, unlimited surfing via Opera Mini, unlimited weekend calls, Norton Mobile Security, and Unlimited Music Streaming with Deezer.

Check out the TV commercial and the YouTube pre-roll ad below. The ballerina video has done well in terms of engaging our target audience.

Lowering the barrier for social messaging & surfing on mobile

We just relaunched our weekly Internet subscriptions for prepaid customers. Another innovation milestone for the team!

In this latest release, DiGi is introducing a weekly subscription for RM3 (~1USD) that offers unlimited high speed messaging via WhatsApp and WeChat, plus unlimited surfing via Opera Mini. There is no quota attached to this subscription, but customers can easily add the data they need via a simple Internet Top Up. Moreover, there is a distinction in the user experience compared to other products in the market: (a) social messaging at high speed will provide a superb experience for photo sharing and voice messaging, (b) unlimited surfing via Opera Mini, will give full high speed access to the “browsable” WWW and lowers the entry barrier to get online on mobile.

Social messaging is fast becoming an “always on” need for many people. As mobile operators move from traditional SMS to these rich communication apps, we will likely see more innovations in this space around: (a) bite-sized pricing, (b) on-demand prepaid pricing for specific apps at specific times / locations, (c) revisions of traditional throttling policies that give away free data at low speeds in order to monetize from that “always on” need.


Links / reviews:, SoyaCincau, Amanz

Making it easy after you have reached your Internet quota

In this day and age where unlimited data plans are a thing of the past, we are striving to make life easier for customers to continue using the Internet after hitting their monthly quotas.

We provide 2 options: (a) unlimited surfing via Opera Mini which allows us to also compress traffic while giving it away for free, (b) affordable one-time passes that can be purchased via or by dialing *200#

Managing excess usage policies is going to be a core part of most mobile operators, and we seem to be on the right track in balancing this to meet our customers expectations.


DiGi Prepaid mobile internet subscribers ride away on 60 Vespas worth over RM500,000

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Blog article: 60 Vespas in 60 Days

The Star: 60 winners of telco contest collect their scooters

SHAH ALAM, 14 December 2013 – DiGi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd (DiGi) today presented 60 Vespa LX150 scooters worth RM8,800 each to 60 of its DiGi Prepaid mobile internet customers, who won the DiGi 60 Vespas in 60 Days contest.

The contest, which ran from 2 September to 31 October 2013, was opened to all DiGi Prepaid weekly and monthly mobile internet subscribers.
According to Praveen Rajan, DiGi’s Head of Products – Internet & Services, “We’re happy that the contest was well received by our customers. This shows that more and more Malaysians are getting connected on their mobile devices and at the same time playing an important role in driving the country’s mobile internet adoption and usage.

“I would also like to congratulate all our winners today. Initiating unique and fun-oriented activities for our customers such as this 60 Vespas in 60 Days contest is very much in line with DiGi’s ambition to deliver Internet For All in an exciting way, while providing customers with services and plans that are relevant to their individual lifestyles and needs,” he added.

To participate in the contest, DiGi customers were required to sign up for either a monthly or weekly mobile internet plan. The higher the value of their mobile internet subscription, the more entries they received, thus increasing their chances of selection. During the two month period, customers who were selected on a daily basis and answered a trivia question correctly when contacted by DiGi were named the daily winners.

For more information on the 60 Vespas in 60 Days contest and to view the list of winners, please log on to

60 Vespas in 60 Days

DiGi ran this contest from 2 September to 31 October to drive sales of prepaid Internet subscriptions. 60 yellow Vespas, one to be won every day.

And wow, what an overwhelming response!

When we do contests like these, we would be investing a lot into prizes and promotional activities. In return, we bank on driving more awareness for the products which in turn helps us grow revenue. A well run contest can typically help grow incremental service revenues of between 1-5% within the campaign period after taking off all expenditure.

This contest has been a great success in re-communicating our core position for the year on weekly Internet subscriptions.

But more importantly, it has put wide smiles on our customers faces.




Links: Press Release, The Star – 60 winners of telco contest collect their scooters