Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Read this if you own a personal blog

By personal blog, I am referring to a blog where your identity is known to your readers.

I've come across many blogs with interesting blog titles usually in a mould similar to something like "The Chronicles of Praveen".

In most cases, I add these personal blogs to my list of feeds on Google Reader. Now, it's easy to sift through feeds when you're faced with only a few. But when I have to read through over 50 personal blogs, it makes more sense to have it named after the blog author's name as it sticks in my mind more than the trivial title that the author may have chosen. It's a good thing I can edit the feed name via Google Reader, but this is time consuming.

So if you're reading this post, and own a personal blog, why not use your real name as your blog title? Taking the example above, it may be better to rename it to what you see today with my blog: "Praveen Rajan".

Here's a screenshot of what my Google Reader looks like with a little "renaming" for some blogs:

Moreover, there's a better chance that your name / identity will be indexed and rated higher by search engines.

Just a thought, not a directive =)



Anonymous ranga said...

Just the fact that you included "Just a thought, not a directive =)" leads to me to believe you want to scream, "STOP NAMING YOUR BLOGS LIKE A MORON!"

17/4/07 5:41 PM  

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