Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goodbye 2008

This is my 368th post since my first blog post, and my 166th for 2008.

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Some Silly Stats:
Summing up 2008:
It's been a good year, and I thank you for making it real.


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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

That's KLCC (and the rest of KL!)

That's KL in night mode from the LookOut Point. It's a tourist spot right here in the city, with one of the best views.


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Mel's first ride on the Monorail

She's been on trains around the world: the MRT in Singapore, the BTS in Thailand, etc. But not the Monorail in KL! Newbie taking the train today :)


Monday, December 08, 2008

Yes, WE crossed the finish line

My best friends and I are now recovering from a "grueling" Sunday at the Singapore Marathon.

  • I clocked 70 minutes for my 10km, just 3 minutes over my personal best set in 2006 (yes, it does get very dramatic!)
  • The Adidas Adizero shoes were amazing. I ran the entire race without killing my legs. I don't think they will last very long though - when they mean lightweight shoes, they mean shoes without much fabric or rubber!
  • My buddies, Pravin & Danny set their personal bests in the 10k, around the 1 h 30m mark - bravo, guys!
  • Yap was running his first race beyond 5k, and he whacked 21k in under 3 hours - super duper!
  • Vicky as usual made the 21k look super easy - and he's got photos to go with it for a third year in a row - you lucky dude!
  • Our chief "inspirator", Mel, got to stand right in front of the Finish line. Getting her to run is still a long shot for 2009
  • We pigged out at Cafe Cartel right after our run, and went for a buffet steamboat later that night - the thousands of calories lost in the morning were gained within 6 hours
  • We ran a total of 72km between the 5 of us. Some runners do 84km in one day, on their own. I don't think we'll compete in those leagues any time soon
  • This year's race attracted close to 50k runners, largest ever in Singapore
  • The 42k was won by Luke Kibet, the reigning world champion from Kenya. He ran the race in 2h 13m, 1 minute better than the course record. He was paid 15k USD just to appear for the race and pocketed a cool 35k USD for winning!

Check out our stats - amazing birds eye view of the entire race!
Me: 10k 1h:9m:50s
Danny: 10k 1h:33m:9s
Pravin: 10k 1h:33m:9s
Vicky: 21k 2h:57m:19s
Yap: 21k (under 3 hours) (Sadly, no stats yet - he's not too happy!)

More photos (& great Christmas gift ideas for the guys!):

For the third year running, this is the only photo of me running (the one in yellow!):

It was a fabulous weekend. The Singapore Marathon is a year-end high(light) for me, and it was made even better this year with the company of my best friends. Thanks guys!

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Saturday, December 06, 2008

Because Impossible is Nothing

I will be decked in Adidas adizero gear for tomorrow's run =)

It was just a little streak of fortune - I won the prize of a pair of shoes, a singlet and shorts in a recent Adidas Inspirator contest. My tagline is printed on the back of the singlet.

*p/s: Thank you Adidas! (Now, I've got to actually run!)

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Singapore Marathon here I come!

My Singapore buddies and I will be running at tomorrow's Singapore Marathon. This will be my third run. Doing the 10k this year.

Collecting our race kits now. Drinking loads of water, and carbo loading. Go team!

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Monday, December 01, 2008


All hail the saviour for boys like me.

Melissa just pushed out live for the world to enjoy. It sells trendy and fun clothing for women, at affordable prices. The catalogue is easy for boyfriends, husbands (and stalkers) to comprehend, lots of free sizes so you can't go wrong. It currently accepts payments through Maybank2u and Paypal, and ships worldwide.

Subscribe to the blog - it's easy reading for both boys and girls:

Oh, and here's something for a (manic) Black Monday: