DiGi XL Prepaid – big value in one complete package

The next wave of Mobile Internet users in Malaysia will come from the Prepaid segment which accounts for ~80% of customers in Malaysia. To help more customers get on board, we recently launched new subscriptions, called the XL add-ons. It combines minutes, sms and data into one affordable bundle, thereby allowing customers to have a predictable monthly expenditure of RM28 or RM38. Moreover, these new add-ons also offer unlimited high speed social messaging on WhatsApp and WeChat, and unlimited surfing via Opera Mini.

Big value in one complete package.




Music Play app – supporting the discovery of local music

In 2010, DiGi launched the first unlimited music streaming app in Malaysia, called Music Play. Over the years, this app has evolved to meet the latest trends of the iOS and Android operating systems. It is a tethered download service, meaning that the songs downloaded can only be played via the app as long as you are subscribed.

The app has recently been refreshed to simplify discovery of new songs with a slick interface. It features songs from selected music labels including Universal and One Stop Music. DiGi subscribers can signup for the service for RM5 per month.






Download for iOS

Download for Android

We made it to the Forbes 100 Most Innovative Companies

DiGi made it to Forbes World’s Most Innovative Companies for 2014.

We came in at #100, being the only Malaysian company among the 100 companies, and the only telecommunications operator from Asia.

Proud milestone for our team, bravo!


Selection methodology:

Companies are ranked by their innovation premium: the difference between their market capitalization and a net present value of cash flows from existing businesses (based on a proprietary formula from Credit Suisse HOLT). The difference between them is the bonus given by equity investors on the educated hunch that the company will continue to come up with profitable new growth.

Link to Press Release

Download music anytime with the brand new DiGi Music Pluz

We’ve just refreshed the Music Pluz service – an MP3 download service.

Where previously a subscription was required, it is now open to any DiGi customer to download any song on an ala carte basis. Nominal fees of between RM0.50-RM3 per song, and it is DRM-free. This means you will legally own that song and can use it freely on all your devices.

We’ve also made it easier for the service to work even when you are on WiFi. A simple one-time PIN will be requested. No usernames or passwords required, so all you need is your mobile number to start.

Go to http://pluzmusic.digi.com.my




YouTube Internet Top Up – first in the world


We recently launched an “official” YouTube Internet Top Up for DiGi customers, thanks to the super cooperation with the YouTube team based out of Asia and San Bruno.

This was a unique milestone for both DiGi and YouTube given the huge demand for the service with our customers and the complexity of working with the architecture of YouTube’s IP addresses.

So if you have a DiGi mobile connection, give it a shot. Dial *200# or go to myinternet.com.my. Priced at RM1 for 100MB for 24 hours. This will add the additional Internet megabytes to your account just for YouTube (and Viki). 100MB will give you about 15minutes of streaming at 240p.

YouTube and the opportunity to own part of the content world

At the recent YouTube Pulse, I shared how DiGi was using the platform to drive meaningful business – buying YouTube ads, and creating ads catered for the YouTube audience.

Like most other brands, we have not garnered significant subscribers on our YouTube channel. We are able to command large number of views on (some) individual videos, but havent quite figured out the way to tap into owning a content channel.

It was an eye opener and reminder that the world is moving faster than we think it is. On YouTube we find the younger audience now completely driving new content categories. Bethany Mota, among others. The channel has over 6 million subscribers, even higher than Lady Gaga, and she is driving an audience that wants to hear her story via all forms of social media.

What is intriguing for a telco is that the way we usually think, we force fit ourselves into a different end of the spectrum of Google’s content machine. We are spending money on ads, and working on metrics to monetise the returns on those investments – YouTube-specific ads, complemented by search buys and more. But what about the opportunity to ¬†produce and own the content?¬†

I ponder on the opportunity for traditional Internet access providers / telcos to move into this space. With some money, we could invest into owning new forms of content categories that have the potential to be “milked” in many ways in the future. Building an audience that wants this content may turn this into a product / brand of its own. I feel brands that get their heads around this will win big.

After all, content is evergreen.